The Ultimate Digital Briefcase™

Command.App® is a cloud based platform, where Product Support Teams build, manage and deploy dynamic mobile apps designed to help companies with complex products and markets communicate more effectively.

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Take Control.


Present like a PRO and look like the cutting-edge company you’ve become.


Capture intelligence from the field and improve your business processes.


Command your messages and securely update outside teams and stakeholders.

Ditch the bag.
In today’s high-tech business world, you need something to stand out from the crowd. Make the complex clear, and always be prepared to dynamically access and present any of your sales materials in one seamless app.

Turn presentations into conversations.
Quickly identify and respond to client needs, and improve your consultative selling approach with a strategically designed app. Easily navigate to the right piece of rich-media to answer questions, fulfill information requests, build quotes, and learning from usage metrics to improve your overall sales performance.

We make you look good.
Whether it’s an interactive kiosk or a dynamic handheld sales app, our trade show solutions can provide the traction you need to make any event a success. Engage customers with interactive 3D virtual product tours, show what can’t be seen, and be prepared for any booth visitor. After the show, learn from the analytics. More…

Teach. Tailor. Control.
Whether it’s a dynamic handheld iPad sales app or an interactive kiosk, our medical device solutions provide the technology you need to look cutting-edge. Engage clients with reactive 3D products, multimedia case studies, video demos, and be prepared with the right information at the right time, on or offline.
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Our skilled team is a combination of UX pros, graphic experts, and business solution consultants that bring everything together in one powerful software-with-a-service platform solution.

Give your consumer an in-depth look into what makes your
product unique with the ability to zoom, rotate and manipulate
a 3D model inside your app.


Powered by Experienced Multimedia Communication Experts encapsulates over a decade of ‘real world’ business acumen in providing dynamic digital media solutions for Fortune 500 companies with extensive services and product lines, including large and mid-sized manufactures, medical equipment manufactures, and startups striving to take their messaging to the next level.

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