90% of all customers want to see content specific to their needs…

So give them what they want.

Get 100% customer engagement, EVERY TIME, no matter how complex your solution.


You’re four steps away from engaging with your customers on their terms.

Take Control Of:

  • Your People

    Sales representatives, dealers, distributors, and anyone sharing your story.

  • Your Brand

    Colors, fonts, logos, media, and overall corporate brand standards.

  • Your Messages

    Ensure your complex story is being presented consistently and in line with your marketing strategy.

  • Your Collateral

    ALL of your sales and marketing materials, media, and related content.

  • Your Analytics

    Know exactly what is being shown, by whom, and learn from it to keep improving.

  • Your Budget

    An affordable and scalable mobile business communication platform.

An ENGAGEMENT SOLUTION developed by interactive media and marketing professionals.

The platform is designed to improve your effectiveness in sales, marketing, training, and client support communications by equipping your teams with an engaging and interactive mobile app. With the ability to add-on custom features and toolsets, the Command.app platform can take your business communications to the next level.

It’s time to engage your customers and put the power in your sales team’s hands.

It’s time for your business to COMMAND ATTENTION and TAKE CONTROL.

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