The Command.App Solution

The platform can transform your face-to-face business communications. It improves the way you present your story, and integrates multiple business processes together in one dynamic iPad app with website dashboard control. But not only as a face-to-face situational sales tool, our platform includes easy content updates, user management and version control, security and confidentiality, and comprehensive analytics by users, asset, and app views.

Support your remote teams with dynamic presentations, interactive training & educational tools, and trade show kiosk apps. Capture leads, information, media, and customer feedback with built-in app tools, and instantly upload the content to your website dashboard.

Command attention at Trade Shows. Make your videos, 3D models, graphics, and spec sheets look incredible and instantly accessible to your sales team and customers. Or take control with a Sales, Training or Assessment app. Dynamically access all of your sales materials for every market you serve, show crisp high-resolution photos, engaging video demos, customer testimonials, before-and-after images, graphic explanations, and all of your collateral in one seamless app.

  • All your media in one place, expertly configured by the media team
  • Proven navigation templates
  • Actionable/Real-time 3D Model animations
  • Capture lead information
  • Estimates / Proposals / Cost Calculators
  • Cross-platform / Multi-device
  • User management
  • Version control