Portfolio Apps

The Command.app platform can transform your face-to-face business communications. It improves the way you present your story, and integrates multiple business processes together in one dynamic iPad app with website dashboard control.

Because it’s a platform, it’s affordable and a streamlined way to securely create, manage and deploy your marketing materials to various stakeholders. With add-on tools and features, it becomes a business application to help you collect information and media from the field, and document training and on-site assessments. And finally, it includes insightful analytics designed to help you measure your efforts and ultimately communicate better.

In today’s competitive marketplace, effective face-to-face communications require great tools, and having the right information at the right time can make the difference.

We call it “The Ultimate Digital Briefcase™”, but really it’s much more when it’s customized for your business. You’re ready to go paperless, but are you ready to connect your marketing and sales, with your production and support teams?

Present like a PRO and look like the cutting-edge company you’ve become. Easily navigate to all your products & services in one app; display 3D models, videos, graphics and case studies; and attach notes, photos, audio and informational tags

Command.app encapsulates a communications philosophy developed over decades by interactive media and marketing professionals. The platform is designed to improve your effectiveness in sales, marketing, training, and client support communications by equipping your teams with an engaging and interactive mobile app. With the ability to add-on custom features, the Command.app platform can take your business communications to the next level.