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Using Command.App for Virtual Meetings

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Works will ALL major virtual meeting & conferencing platforms.

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Don’t get trapped in linear presentations.
When executing a virtual meeting, it is imperative that you are able to seamlessly navigate to content that is relative to a customer’s needs. With presentation solutions like PowerPoint and others, users are often stuck in a linear structure where they cannot easily read-and-react to customer questions or concerns, tailoring their presentation on the fly.

With Command.App, conversations can flow in a situationally “choose your own adventure” style that leads to only the appropriate product solutions specific to your customer’s needs. Our non-linear navigation paths allow you to approach client meetings in a customer centric manner. They are not forced to sit through content that is irrelevant to them or of no interest. Time is of the essence, so you and your team need to be able to ask questions and quickly get to the point with high-impact support materials.

Present with confidence VIRTUALLY.
Command.App’s mobile solutions provide companies the control they need to easily update materials at any time, while controlling their brand and specific messaging. Just as important, the interactive presentation app empowers associates with the confidence to present materials in a manner that is conducive to delivering high-impact online presentations.

When used in conjunction with online meeting and video conferencing software, your sales teams can often get benefits that you might not be able to achieve in person.

• Because you are presenting your screen, your web camera could and should be turned off. This allows you to have all of the notes and information available surrounding your workspace. Your desktop visual will help to do almost half of what you would need just standing in a room of people.

• Visuals on-screen allow your customer to focus on what they are seeing and ask questions freely. This helps both parties remain more relaxed and conversational during the interaction.

• Screentime is inevitable. With the “work-from-home” mandate that is sweeping the globe, it's easy and almost a dead-lock that you’ll be able to schedule a video conference at any time during the business week with your customer, they’ll all most likely be online anyway!
The world is moving more and more interactions online to comply with social distancing guidelines. In the coming days, please visit our website as we’ll be adding ongoing step-by-step instructions and video tutorials to help our customers to continue using your Command.App solution to its full potential in a virtual environment.

In the meantime we can be reached to address specific questions or take care of an immediate need for information, by your request submission here.