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Dynamic Business Communication Apps are Revolutionizing the Trade Show Experience for Exhibitors and Attendees

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Introduction: The trade show booth is a time-honored exhibit hall fixture whose appeal shows no signs of waning. Booths and tables, staffers and pitchpersons will have always and will continue to play vital roles in showcasing industry wares. Likewise, tradeshow attendees will continue to crave swag bags filled to the brim with giveaway items.

That being said, as the times change, so too must the manner in which businesses interact with potential clients – a reality that has made itself increasingly visible across each and every industry around the globe.

“Technology has the potential to dramatically streamline each and every stage of your business process – increasing both the return on investment (ROI) and the return on objectives (ROO). In light of these facts, a dynamic business communication app such as
that offered by is a must-have for effective tradeshow planning.”Michael D. Corbin, CMO /

White Paper Contents Include:

  • The Value of Trade Shows Are Increasing

    In any market or industry, trade shows are where the prospects gather to learn about current industry trends, gather relevant information, evaluate different products or services against the competition, build connections with manufacturers or service providers, and – most importantly – make buying decisions.

  • The Needs of Trade Show Exhibitors and Attendees are Changing.

    In today’s heavily wired, socially connected society, email, social media advertisements, and other forms of marketing messaging traverse the world at light speed, connecting companies and prospective clients located half a globe away from one another.

  • The Way We Consume Information has Also Changed

    In the past twenty years, we have witnessed dramatic changes in the way we consume our content. Successful exhibitors must understand that trade show attendees expect content that is relevant to their interests.

  • Leveraging Technology to Attract, Educate, and Connect Differently.

    A business communication app such as – which offers a powerful yet user-friendly assortment of tools for optimizing your trade show experience – can help to set your product or service apart from the countless others featured on the exhibition floor.

  • Improve your Business Processes

    The powerful Digital Briefcase optimizes each and every step of the sales process, from showcasing your products to managing customer relationships.

  • Communicate Effectively and Efficiently

    The iPad-based makes it easy to achieve the perfect balance of effectiveness and time efficiency in your communications with customers and prospects.

  • Collect, Integrate, and Distribute Information Instantly.’s expanded features make it easy to gather information and media and incorporate them into your own presentations at any time.

  • Staying Mindful of your Business Purposes and Goals.

    Incorporating technologies into your process shouldn’t add to the already heavy burden of running a business; rather, it should alleviate it.

  • Who uses Dynamic Business Communication Apps such as

    Business communication apps are ideal for any company seeking to integrate dynamic, tablet-based presentations into their showcases and simplify the process of capturing customer information. Moreover, those who offer complex product lines, as well as those whose products cannot be physically transported to a trade show, can benefit greatly from the abilities to create video demos, 3D virtual objects, and interactive presentations.

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