Product & Service Support Apps

Interactive mobile solutions to reinforce ‘Best Practices’ and strengthen overall performance.


Product & Service Support Apps

Interactive mobile solutions to reinforce ‘Best Practices’ and strengthen overall performance.


Service and Support available on or offline.

Our innovative platform provides the fundamental control organizations need to deploy essential resources to the mobile devices their Service Reps, Technicians and Customers use everyday.

Command.App’s navigation is designed for Situational Service Support that dynamically brings up the right support content at the right time, no matter how complex your product line.

Instantly access spec sheets, safety data sheets, white papers, tutorials, how-to tech tips, product information, installation instructions, warranty guides, and more.

“Connectivity is not an issue with Command.App. over half of our team works in regions where cell service is an issue - the ability to work offline and still have access to all their materials has been a game changer.”
Geoff P. VP of US Marketing | Gallagher
Gallagher Service Support Apps

Be the trusted advisor your customer expects you to be.

Support your customers after the sale.

  • Parts Kits
  • Warranty Information
  • Product Support
  • Manuals
  • Specifications & Safety Data Sheets
  • Operation & Maintenance Guides
  • Checklists
  • Serial Number Product Look Up
  • FAQs
  • Product Video Demos

Cutting-edge design ensures access to all support materials in one easy-to-use mobile app.

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Strategic data collection and real time calculation toolsets help to improve the customer support experience, and deliver valuable intelligence back to home office support teams and C-Suite.

It’s time to execute a mobile solution that’s:
Easy, Effective, Efficient and Expandable.

Interactive Mobile App
Interactive Presentations Make the Complex Clear.
Situationally navigate to the right information at the right time, instantly. Get rid of the old files and folders approach.
Drag and Drop Form Builder for Mobile Apps Icon
Drag & Drop Form Builders Provide Due Diligence.
Service and Support Teams use field assessments, daily checklists and maintenance step-by-steps to ensure compliance.
Content Search and Look Up Mobile App Icon
Quickly Search & Lookup Support Materials.
Locate all corresponding safety sheets, specs, product manuals & other materials to support your products and services in the field.

Gather intelligence from the field, capturing information and data anytime. With the drag & drop form builder, you can create and deploy custom forms to all users in the field. The versatility of forms gives the user the ability to capture information, attach images, digital signatures and checklists. Deliver information requests to the client's email, or PDF reports to the main office, instantly.

With forms your compliance is complete. Create your own smart forms and convert your existing paper checklists to mobile digital forms.
Wireco Worldgroup app
Global Access Worldwide Icon with Command. App
Instant Updates Deployed Across the Country, Around the Globe.
Be certain your reps, technicians and customers are using the most current support materials with control over updates.
Wifi icon for Command.App
Don’t Let the Internet Slow You Down.
Available all the time, even when internet access is spotty or non-existent. Bring up all your rich-media content instantly, no playback or loading issues, works on or offline.

See how Command.App can power product and service support for your customers.