Sales Apps

Within companies both large and small, associates are wrestling with how to create, manage and deploy content that satisfies customer expectations.

Customers expect to be engaged with content specific to their needs. They don’t want to wade through irrelevant information or dig for support materials that are critical to making an informed decision. Meanwhile, individuals and marketing teams are swamped with content demands, and are looking for a user-friendly tech solution to help them out.

Be the TRUSTED ADVISOR when it comes to the sales process AND product post-sale support.

When a business deploys a Command.App they’re putting the POWER of customer engagement in the hands of those who matter most to the sale, those on the front lines, and effectively bridges the gap between marketing – sales – and the customer.

Present like a PRO and look like the cutting-edge company you’ve become. Easily navigate to all your products & services in one app. Display 3D models, videos, graphics and case studies; and attach notes, photos, audio and informational tags. Captures leads and complete needs assessments, all before leaving your customers side.

Sales associates can present with confidence, “turning presentations into conversations™” getting to the right information, at the right time, instantly.

Toolsets like cost calculators or checklists efficiently capture data specific to the opportunity and are there within the same app.

Businesses can fully engage with customers in one meeting, and all captured data goes to the cloud portal where analytics can be viewed and reports executed. encapsulates a communications philosophy developed over decades by interactive media and marketing professionals. The platform is designed to improve your effectiveness in sales, marketing, training, and client support communications by equipping your teams with an engaging and interactive mobile app. With the ability to add-on custom features, the platform can take your business communications to the next level.