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The Client: Henke Manufacturing, business communication apps, manufacturing apps, manufacturing tool

Henke Manufacturing has 90+ years of experience in design and manufacture of heavy duty snow plow removal equipment for trucks, wheel loaders, motor graders, back hoes and more.

The Challenge: Deliver (offline for trade show floor and remote locations) virtual 3D product demonstrations and video animations highlighting the inner working parts and powerful features of new snow plows and spreaders.

“If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth at least ten times that. Nothing has as much impact as a video or animation, and that’s not just a marketing opinion, that’s biology, that’s how our brains our wired. For Henke, most of our products move; they do things, they don’t just sit still. It would be impossible to truly communicate how some of our products operate – what they do and how they do it – without animations. As such, we’ve seen firsthand the benefits of the animations in Command.App. We’ve seen customers get that “Ah Ha!”, lightbulb moment at trade shows as well as on sales calls. Using Command.App has given our sales people (as well as our dealers) a better sales tool than they could ever have with a static piece of literature, and certainly much better than the sales tools our competitors are using. From a sales and marketing standpoint, it’s definitely given us a competitive advantage.” – Robert Madison, Sales & Marketing Director

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