10 Ways to Get the Biggest Bang for Your Trade Show Buck

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1. Identify Your Goals
Define what you want to achieve, know why you’re going to the show, and strategize.

2. Market Your Booth Ahead of Time
Let customers know you’re at the show, set up side meetings and be active on social media.

3. Demonstrate Your Expertise
Show your products in action, take advantage of opportunities to show why your awesome solutions.

4. Stand out on the Trade Show Floor
Make an impression, draw the right kind of attention to the activity in your booth.

5. Be Approachable
Create an easy way for visitors to engage with you.

6. Strategic Swag
Don’t get caught in swag sweepstakes, unless it ties back to your solution, keep it simple.

7. Incentivize Participation / Contests & Promotions
If you want something (contact info), give something (a chance to win a prize!)

8. Booth Host Empowerment
Train all booth participants and provide tools to better tell your story.

9. Follow Up (Avoid the Trade Show Hangover)
Plan your follow up strategy early, make it easy to execute in a timely manner.

10. Use Technology
Make the most out of every interaction using the latest tech tools.

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