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The growing importance of trade shows for businesses is abundantly clear. Yet accompanied by this increased interest in trade shows is the need for new approaches to attracting the attention of, informing, and educating attendees.

Trade shows remain the top place to meet targeted prospects, and for prospects, to learn about current industry trends. Trade shows are paramount in business to gather relevant information, evaluate different products and services against the competition, build connections, and ultimately make buying decisions.

With Command.App’s powerful platform, you can quickly access video demos, interactive 3D Models, and even educational games—all of which can help to convey the intricacies of a product or service in a matter of seconds.

ATTRACT booth visitors, ENGAGE, EDUCATE and CAPTURE quality leads.

• More Productive Interactions

Turn “Presentations Into Conversations™” with situational selling navigation.

• No Lost Opportunities

Your entire product line and supporting marketing materials are easily accessible.

• Quality Leads From Engaged Customers

Collect information and share product literature, data sheets, videos and more.

• Better Explanations

Interactive 3D models and animations allow you to deep-dive into specific features.

• Access On or Off-line

No need for wi-fi, works on or off-line.

Better trade show communications are within your grasp!

An affordable way to engage prospects.

Whether it’s a dynamic handheld iPad sales app or an interactive kiosk, our trade show solutions provide the technology you need to look cutting-edge. Engage customers with interactive 3D products, multimedia case studies, video demos, and be prepared on the show room floor, on or offline.

Trade Show Apps [White Paper]

Dynamic Business Communication Apps are Revolutionizing the Trade Show Experience for Exhibitors and Attendees

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  • Interactive 3D animations and product demo videos.
  • Fun way to learn about your complex products and services.
  • Gamification: Educational games and competitive trivia with a prize!
  • Cross-sell and quickly show options and details.
  • Capture contact information and follow-up items.
  • Reduce the cost of brochure printing/shipping/distribution.

GOT CONTENT? We can help.

Make your amazing products and services the star of your booth.

Brand Enhancement Imagery • Video Loops• Interactive Educational Contests • Pre-show Video Primers • IMAG Product Demos • Documentation & Testimonials

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