5 Ways to Make a Complex Product Easier to Understand

5 Ways to Make a Complex Product Easier to Understand

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Have you ever sat down to present your product and no matter what you say the client doesn’t understand? Navigating this situation is no easy task. It’s important to be clear and concise in your messaging, but that can be a challenge with complex products. Nothing is worse than leaving a client more confused or overwhelmed than when you started. You just didn’t have the right information to address all of their questions and possibly missed out on a sale because your product is not easily understood.

Heavy Machinery

The world is full of complex products, so if you’ve struggled with getting your message across, just know that you are not alone. As with anything in life, confidence is key and you want to be as prepared as possible before ever stepping foot in front of the customer. It’s important to keep in mind that just because you understand the product doesn’t mean everyone will. The mindset for these sales presentations will be different from any other presentation. It might take a bit more work to get your customers to understand the product, so it’s important to be patient and prepared. 

Creating trust should be your priority when approaching this type of sales environment. The customer may be overwhelmed by the depth of information that they’re receiving.  To have them gain clarity, you’ve got to build rapport. Your products and solutions are the most important thing in a sale, but asking questions and letting the buyer drive the conversation to your offerings lets them feel in control.  Making sure they understand that you’re also aware of how complex the product can seem and taking on the trusted advisor role creates a deeper connection in this environment.

There are things you can do to prepare your sales force to face these challenges with confidence. Take time to plan a strategy and implement methods to maneuver the sales situation. Every customer will be different, so plan multiple methods of attack.

Set yourself up for success by implementing these five tactics for making a complex product easier to understand.

Navigational templates

When in the field, you want to confirm that you’re prepared to answer any question that’s thrown at you. The way your presentation is designed has a lot to do with what information you can navigate to easily. Being able to quickly jump from one aspect to another is key in adapting the presentation so that the customer can fully grasp what you’re saying. With navigational templates, there is an infinite number of possibilities to customize your presentation. Gone are the days of the boring, linear presentations that cover one topic in PowerPoint.

Take the medical field for example. When selling a new medical device, you never know who you are going to get to talk to and who is going to be the decision-maker in deciding to buy the product. You want to provide every person you speak with the right information that is relevant to them. The doctors want to know how safe it is. The administration wants to know how it can fit into the budget. The nurses want to know how to use it. Understanding that everyone you present to has a different job, and therefore a different perspective for the product so approach your message that way.

Taking time with an expert to design your presentation will help perfect your message. Do not be afraid to reach out for advice. Having a second opinion working alongside you adds balance and clarity to your presentation. Oftentimes reaching out to existing clients and hearing what resonated with them might help tell your story better and maybe even more concisely. Instilling trust in an outside source will give you the point of view of a customer and help you to know where the information is lacking. 

Tell a Story

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People love a good story. It helps us retain details especially when it comes to complex information and data. Successful salespeople are always connecting their product with a meaningful story. When the product is complex, it’s even more important to present it in a way the customer can visualize themselves using it. Throw familiar aspects into the presentation and show them how it can help them achieve their goals. By introducing the product in a way that makes sense to the customer can entice them to want to learn more. Once they understand how the product fits into their business objectives, they can better envision a future with the product in it.

This is a chance to have fun and play off of the customer’s energy. Reiterate back to them what you see them getting excited about. Keep them engaged by feeding into what gets them excited. It’s important to remember you are presenting to humans, so be human. Take it easy and enjoy getting to show off the capabilities of your solutions. 

Unlimited Collateral

Be overly prepared to face any situation with unlimited resources. Choose a presentation platform that allows you to house as much information as possible intuitively. When presenting a complex product, you never know what information the customer finds important. Be prepared with every available resource to answer any question.

Group of Co-workers in a Business Meeting

Nothing is worse than when a conversation is flowing smoothly and then all of the sudden you’re faced with a question you can not answer. With unlimited collateral, you can confidently include all of the information in your presentation. 

Not only can this information be housed in your presentation, but should be adaptable to how the customer best receives their information. Some people will be more receptive to videos and others prefer to read about the product. Having options and different ways to get your point across ensures your message will resonate with the largest number of people. 

Flexible Tools

Sales presentations are not one size fits all. Based on your goals, there are different aspects that your presentation must include. Having the ability to add toolsets to your presentation that fit your unique field ensures the best customer experience. What works in one industry may not be as effective in another. Be sure that you are equipped with the right tools at the right time.

Tools that are Extremely Effective:

  • Content Search and Lookup
  • Drag and Drop From Builders
  • Quote Builders
  • Cost Calculator

Having a flexible toolset allows you to utilize them in the most proactive way possible. Not every tool will be used every time, but having them at the ready sets you up for the best result. Being able to give the customer exact answers on the spot can be the key to closing the deal. Have the right tools at your fingertips to give those answers instantly instead of having to get back to them later. This not only builds trust and instills confidence, but it sets you apart from the competition. 

Man Using Tablet

Data Capture

Not only is it important for your customer to get answers, but you need answers too. Taking down their information and understanding their situation will help you with follow-ups and sending them digital product support materials during your meeting.

Purchasers and operators are at different levels, so they have different buy-ins. Being able to track the analytics of who is viewing your information will help you cultivate the strongest leads. With detailed analytics, you can know who is truly interested and who is no longer a strong lead. Instead of wasting your time on customers who have moved on, go after the ones who are still receptive. Additionally, it helps show what is being used, what’s effective, and what might need more collateral. With forms and content sharing, data capture helps to create a “best practices” approach to make sure every user is asking the right questions, gathering all important information that’s going to be helpful for follow-up, and is digitally accessible.

5 Ways To Make a Complex Product Easier to Understand

Tailoring your sales message to create a cohesive understanding that resonates with a diverse audience takes a lot of planning. Recognizing where you will be successful does not come easy. Always be over-prepared for whatever this environment will throw at you. Choosing a platform like Command.App for your sales presentation will serve as the first step in simplifying your complex product. Command.App gives you the platform to house an unlimited number of resources, deliver flexible navigation and supply multiple toolsets to streamline your sales process. Send your sales team out into the field knowing they are prepared with the most accurate and up-to-date information. 

Remember, time in front of your customer is valuable. Spend that time hitting all of the right points and making clear what you have to offer. Prepare, prepare, and prepare some more to face the challenge of selling a complex product. By implementing these five steps before you even step foot in front of your customer will ensure a seamless and straightforward experience. 

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