Phone Apps for Business & Sales Enablement – [INFOGRAPHIC]

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We all have smartphones. Some people have more than one, you know that whole “keep work and personal life separate” thing. It’s hard to remember a day where we would leave the house without a phone in our pocket, being connected to friends, family, sports scores or the latest news. But other than personal use, wouldn’t it be great if you could have a versatile, dynamic business app on your phone that gave you the confidence and powered sales enablement? One that helped make work easier and enabled sales? I’m not talking about your email or a web browser to look at websites, I am talking about a way to interact with buyers, collect data and share business content with your customers.

Phone Apps for Business and Sales Enablement Infographic

According to there are over 6.5 Billion (yes, billion) smartphone owners in the world. And by 2025, that number is projected to expand by another billion. We now hold in our pocket 10x the computing power it took to put astronauts on the moon. It’s amazing to think about how far technology has come in the last 20 years and what it has done for the business world. But highlighting one of the most impactful advancements in that time was back in 2008 when Steve Jobs and the Apple Team launched the creation of the Apple App Store. Finally, a marketplace where individuals and businesses could introduce applications that entertain, excite and deliver information for literally anyone in the world. It opened up the opportunity to bring your ideas to life in one place where anyone could have instant access. It was the dawn of a new technological era. 

Every app on your phone has a purpose.

Email, sports, news or a fun new word game with friends, their design is to get you to engage instantly and to remain captivated. Apps are meant to be interactive and give the user an experience they otherwise wouldn’t get from a website or reading a piece of paper. Standard smartphone apps typically function with a single purpose, to entertain or gather information, they are a one-stop shop for information. Business apps for your phone can accomplish all of this too, but can have a multitude of uses depending on your company or consumer’s needs.

Whether you are using a CRM or launching email campaigns, sales enablement and business apps also give you real-time info with one-touch on your device, but with one end-point.

How do you engage with customers? How do you access content from your marketing team? Or the latest financing price on one of your products? Who manages that content and where is it? A lot of companies are used to dumping content in a bucket on Dropbox or SharePoint or even Microsoft Teams and then emailing out a link. Using this approach is not efficient, quick or helpful especially when there are multiple versions of collateral.

What you aren’t looking for…

A business app is NOT email. Email has been around for decades and we can all agree it’s really hard to get back to an email from a couple of days ago. It’s almost impossible to remember who it was from, what the subject of the email was or how many responses were in the thread.

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With mobile apps, it’s easy to serve users with a personalized experience. More than presenting only information, apps can make the experience interactive and fun. Built to sell products or a solution, apps can be designed to have a situational approach that leads a user to exactly what they’re interested in.

Let’s take a look at a typical business. This company has a portfolio of products & solutions built for different applications. With these offerings the sales team is crucial to growth but in line with that, the communication of marketing with their sales team adds to that growth. Marketing is tasked with communicating with their sales teams locally, nationally or even globally and with that role, emails and communication between coworkers can get complicated. There really isn’t a cohesive way to deliver sales collateral or gather information from sales reps’ interactions with customers.

For nearly 60% of a sales person’s day, they are on their phone or their computer, it just makes sense to give them a one-stop solution for a destination for these things. Phone apps built for your business can easily deliver a customer engagement interface that is easy to use and gives sales reps the confidence to know that all sales materials on their device are up-to-date and accessible at all times.

What you ARE looking for…

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Now, delivering a solution that gives marketing the ability to manage users on their team, analytics to gauge best practices and an asset management system to be most effective can get costly. Building something from the ground up could be in the six to seven figure range. Additionally, remember that the sticker price can be misleading, there is the management, updating and support costs that all come into play too for the entire length of your use.  Most SAAS (Software As A Service) sales enablement solutions come with a lengthy on-boarding process, a substantial amount of training and overall a per-user license that can get really costly. And will it really do what you need it to do?

Must-haves for a successful phone app for business:

• Deliver a custom-branded mobile user experience built for your company

• Upload sales content and deliver to your entire sales force with one-click

• Unlimited cloud storage for your assets

• Toolsets to capture customer information with drag and drop forms, quote builders and cost calculators.

• Push notifications for communication with your sales team and user base

• In-depth analytics for best-practices and content efficiency

• User management for specific content access

• One cost for your entire company (not per-user licensing)

If you’re going to be successful at growing your business today, there needs to be a mobile-focused strategy for your customers. The only way to get there is to start internally, learning current sales processes and strategizing a fit to what they are already doing.  A sales enablement mobile app solution for the devices your sales team already uses everyday strengthens their desire to be more effective, close sales quicker and be more confident in the field. Building one can be easy and custom-tailored to your sales process with Command.App.

We make it easy to have the right tools to create and deploy your situational sales enablement solution in a couple of weeks. Click here to learn more and schedule a quick 15 minute demo on how we’ve helped sales professionals in industries similar to yours.