The 5 things you need to be more confident in sales

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Let’s be real. Confidence is key to being a successful salesperson. Your job is to instill your confidence in your product or your service and then let your audience get energized and interested by that energy.  Confidence doesn’t mean you have to be pushy and loud to attract attention. Being confident in sales is about presenting a vibe that immediately puts a customer at ease. It doesn’t matter if you’re a salesperson who’s just starting out or for a veteran who may have just switched companies or added products and services, sometimes we all need a confidence kickstarter. So what is the secret ingredient for weaving this new confidence into the way you present and sell?

Here are five key elements to remember:

It’s all about how you say it

One of the first rules in sales is knowing your audience and steering your conversation in a way that makes it easy for them to understand. This is Sales 101 but it’s important to go back and brush up on these basics. There’s no love for the salesperson whose flowery prose is seen as too slick. There’s no respect for the salesperson who delights in displaying his full technical expertise on every question. So when we say be confident, we don’t mean strutting your stuff.

Know what TO say and what NOT to say.

Don’t use the word contract. Instead, use something like “agreement” OR “settlement”. Replacing the word contract with agreement/settlement makes the customer feel like they are in more control of the situation rather than the negative feeling associated with signing a contract.

Don’t say Buy or Spend, when you can say Invest. Buy and Spend refer to giving something up. Invest implies a return which ultimately creates a safer, more beneficial idea for the customer, causing them to be more open with the sales rep.

Other words that are proven to be powerful/helpful in sales: 

  • easy
  • results
  • save
  • discover, reveal
  • safety
  • free
  • gain, benefit 

These words are often used in implementing good sales techniques and are proven to improve sales responses. After all, the vocabulary you choose ultimately leads prospects to draw inferences about your company and the knowledge of the sales rep. Sometimes just tweaking a word or two that we use in our presentation can yield great results.

Body Language

Body Language speaks just as loud as words

Body language sends a silent message to your audience. You want to appear trustworthy and educated on the topic, while still putting the customer at ease. Looking calm and collected makes customers feel comfortable and under control. So try to crush the fidgeting habits while speaking. Standing up straight and making eye contact will ensure you don’t give off the energy of being insecure or unprepared.

A customer is more likely to want to do business with someone who appears confident and strong when presenting to them because they feel as though they are in good hands.

Improve all of your communication skills

Communication is more than just knowing the proper words and good body language. The most essential skill when it comes to selling with confidence is practicing deep listening. Doing this will relay that you are open to a conversation and learning things from the customer. Being confident in sales is about building a relationship with your clients. Have you ever been in a meeting and felt as though you were not being heard or understood correctly? It immediately turns people away. People naturally want to have conversations. They don’t want to be talked at or feel like they are being sold.  Listening will help you engage on a deeper level and ask better questions. And asking good questions is the second part of listening. From there, you can direct your conversation to speak directly to their needs and pain points.

Have a growth mindset

Successful sales professionals are open-minded and always willing to learn more. They don’t settle for mediocre and are constantly looking for ways to improve their skills. Encourage yourself to venture out, learn, and bring fresh ideas back to the daily hustle. Be willing to learn from other’s successes and failures. Ask them to give you some insight on what they did right and/or wrong. And remember it’s a two-way street. Learning from others also includes mentoring and coaching where you can. Sometimes we are able to hone our own skills by teaching them to someone else. Take a look at when and where you’ve been successful. If you don’t have anyone to pass your lessons onto, then just take some time to evaluate your best encounters and think about why those meetings worked for you. The key to a growth mindset is to keep on learning.

Apply tools to improve your presentations/calls

With today’s technology, there are platforms that make sales and marketing easier and more efficient for sales professionals. Sometimes just updating and streamlining your presentation tools and processes will boost your confidence needs. There’s nothing worse than fumbling through a brochure trying to find that key piece of information only to find out it’s not in that brochure after all. Ask any salesperson if they love having a carload full of marketing materials and the definitive answer is no! What if there was a tool that could have all the data and information you need on one application? Well, that tool does exist and best of all it’s easy to use. Look for a platform that bridges the gap between marketing and sales, providing both teams with the accessibility and functionality they need to be confident, successful and see a return on that investment. Presenting all of your sales materials on a device you use every day is vital to boosting confidence during a sales meeting. Using technology should boost your confidence, not undermine it. Remember to familiarize yourself with how the platform works before the meeting. Have fun and experiment with finding and accessing information in different ways. A customer may ask a question or ask to see something that changes the flow of your presentation. Being prepared and having a tool that allows you to effortlessly get to that information goes a long way in presenting with confidence.

When you are confident in your sales, your prospects will be confident in you too. 

  1. Brush up on your language skills. Remember to use positive, engaging and effective words that project confidence. Keep a cheat sheet of words you should use. 
  2. Remember body language is key to showing you are prepared and confident in what you are presenting, so don’t forget: NO FIDGETING
  3. Be an active, engaged listener and then use that information to ask open-ended questions. This will engage your customer. 
  4. Keep an open mind and look for opportunities to learn and grow. Getting stuck in a rut is real. Look for new ways to freshen your presentation. 
  5. Lastly, updating your presentation technology is vital right now. Having a mobile app platform that gives you all your materials and tools at your fingertips is the difference between a so-so salesperson and a closer. And closers are definitely more confident.

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