TOP 5 keys to successfully deliver an impactful, robust and informative presentation.

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How to avoid failure at your next sales presentation.

PREPARE: those that fail to prepare, prepare to fail

In today’s competitive landscape, your sales associates need to make every moment count when they are in front of customers. Any missteps or stumbles can signal a lack of confidence, and may open the door for your competition. The best way to be prepared is to not only know your products and services, but to anticipate your target customers’ pain points as well. Create a strategy that leads customers on a journey. Just as important, do your homework. Find out about the target’s organizational structure: who needs to be involved in the decision? Who has the budget? Finally, be prepared with the goal of the meeting. If your goal is to walk out of the meeting with a closed deal, then structure the meeting accordingly.

COMMAND ATTENTION: Project confidence, engage the audience

Companies who are leveraging the available technology are enjoying far greater sales meeting successes than their counterparts whose tactics are limited to linear slide shows, incessant monologuing and boring charts. A business communication app such as™ – which offers a powerful yet user-friendly assortment of tools for optimizing your presentation experience – can help to set your product or service apart from the countless others featured in business pitches and boardrooms. Whether you’re striving for utmost convenience in the form of a dynamic handheld iPad sales app that projects to a larger monitor or looking to dramatically enhance your product demo with an interactive experience,’s solutions can immediately thrust your presentation into the realm of cutting-edge. Present yourself as the cutting-edge company you’ve become.

TAKE CONTROL: It’s your meeting, don’t let anyone derail you

It’s inevitable that when presenting, you will be interrupted with a question or comment that has nothing to do with where you’re at in your presentation. How will you react? Given that time with each individual prospect is short, it makes sense to optimize these face-to-face interactions by utilizing technology that facilitates more meaningful interactions between sales associates and customers. Key stakeholders have a very limited amount of time and salespeople have in mind a number of goals, including building connections and ascertaining the needs of prospects. Facetime is valuable. But technologies like™ are captivating the attention of the sales industry. Why? Because Solutions add new dimensions to conversations, allowing sales associates to access and present specific product information or materials tailored to the potential customer’s needs. The one-size-fits-all product pitch is a thing of the past. Today’s companies want to know what’s relevant to them, and to acquire this information in a time-efficient and easily comprehensible manner.


We prefer to consume only what’s relevant to us and have little time (or patience) for anything else. So stop droning on-and-on about you and your features, and listen to your customers. Using a dynamic sales presentation tool empowers sales associates to take their presentations to the next level by incorporating video demos, interactive 3D products, multimedia case studies, and more into their boardroom presentations. Technology like, which can be used on- or offline, can foster more productive communications with current and prospective clients by providing customers a multimedia educational experience tailored to their specific needs.


One of the worst things a sales associate can do is to say; “I’ll get back to you on that”, and never do. Often times it’s not as much a failure of them not following through, as it is a failure in the tools they have at hand to address those questions at the time of origin. Imagine the confidence your customers will have in you if you can address any objection, red-flag, or clear any hurdle when it is raised. A dynamic sales app such as, strategically populated with your content to satisfy any FAQ or concern, helps associates to close deals faster.