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If you are exhibiting at a trade show in 2017, there’s too much at stake not to check out…

Give your booth visitors and sales reps access to all product marketing materials and multimedia in one dynamic and interactive iPad kiosk app. Give virtual product demonstrations, fulfill information requests, capture targeted leads, save on printing costs, and present your company as cutting-edge. Engage customers with reactive 3D products, multimedia case studies, video demos, and be prepared on the showroom floor, on or offline.

With in your booth, experience:

  • More productive interactions
  • Better explanations
  • Contextual relevance
  • Save $$$ on printing costs and logistics
  • No lost opportunities
  • Quality leads from engaged customers
  • Shorten sales cycles
  • In 2017, Present Like a Pro

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Turn presentations into conversations with situational navigation. Your entire product line and supporting marketing materials are easily accessible. Get to the right information, at the right time, instantly.

Interactive navigation leads to application specific product demos and information that provide greater customer relevance. Demo features and show actuated 3D product models and videos. Swiftly move from presenting, to collecting customer info and sharing specific product literature, data sheets, videos and more… right from the showroom floor.

Get under the hood and out in the field with benefits-driven animations and product demos as 3D models allow you to deep-dive into specific internal parts and hidden features.

Image Magnification – entice onlookers to engage, as situational navigation seamlessly leads to relevant information for more targeted sales conversations.

Dynamic Trade Show Booth Kiosk Apps

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