Medical Device Apps
Teach. Tailor. Control.

Command.App® is a cloud based platform capable of supporting medical device sales activities, marketing initiatives, training and education, inservicing, clinical studies, and more.

Learn how to easy deliver your product demos with 3D animations and situational selling tactics, and thrust your product presentations into the realm of cutting-edge.


  • Have Complex Products or Services?
  • Need Market Specific Messaging for Various Stakeholders?
  • Need To Capture Information On-site to Document Processes?
  • Need Dynamic Visual 3D Media to Quickly Explain Your Device?
  • Need To Look Innovative and Present Your Brand in a New Light?
  • Need to Connect Your Mobile Teams with Internal Systems?

A Secure Way to Manage External Communications.

Whether it’s a dynamic handheld iPad sales app or an interactive kiosk, our medical device solutions provide the technology you need to look cutting-edge. Engage clients with reactive 3D products, multimedia case studies, video demos, and be prepared with the right information at the right time, on or offline.

  • More productive conversations with clients and prospects.
  • No lost opportunities with access to specific information and materials.
  • A picture is worth a thousand words, and a video demo is worth more.
  • 3D images to deep-dive into specific internal product parts
  • Capture contact information – instantly connect before they leave your booth.

Better communications are within your grasp.
Take Control. Command Attention.
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Need Help with Media Creation?

Provide an in-depth look into what makes your product unique. Go inside the body, or under the microscope to demonstrate your products unique qualities and powerful results. Bring your clinical story to the forefront, and energize your communications.

  • Brand Enhancement Imagery

    An image is worth a thousand words, does your media really reflect your innovative company?

  • Kiosk & Large Screen Loops

    Bring your message to the big screen and engage your audience with attracting videos.

  • Interactive Educational Tools

    In-servicing and engaging educational content to help teach, train and document.

  • Product Demo Videos

    Make the complex clear, and quickly communicate the value of your solutions.

  • IMAG product demos

    Magnify your message, attract a crowd and get your point across.

  • Documentation & Testimonials

    Provide the proof.

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