Finding Trade Show Success Through Tech and Teamwork

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Participating in trade shows is an exciting, tried-and-true marketing strategy for any business. It will require a significant investment of your time, money, and effort but the returns are well worth it.

Trade shows give you a platform to share your company’s products or services with a broad audience in a short amount of time. It helps you grow brand awareness, foster stronger customer relationships, generate more leads, and increase sales. It also gives you the opportunity to see what your competitors are doing and build partnerships. The bottom line is this, a well-executed trade show can be your company’s tour de force for face-to-face customer engagement.

Tech and Teamwork: The Secrets to a Successful Trade Show

Although there’s no single formula for finding success at trade shows, there are a few constants: teamwork and an engaging booth set-up for an enjoyable experience.

All for One, One for All

Trade Show Booth Team Command App

A successful trade show isn’t something you can accomplish alone. You need a team of at least three reliable, knowledgeable, and friendly employees to divide and conquer, as the saying goes. Team members help set up your booth, draw visitors in, keep track of any orders or inquiries, make the rounds and network with other trade show participants, and more.


With all there is to do, it’s important to have a game plan and communicate expectations on booth protocols, team member roles, and their responsibilities prior to the show’s start.

Beyond that, making sure that your team is familiar with any technology that your booth uses is vital. A seamless integration includes having each person be able to use and demonstrate everything inside your booth experience – confident and familiar is the key here.

A well-organized team whose members are all on the same page regarding their products, services, and brand instills confidence in your company.

An Immersive and Interactive Experience

Tech and Teamwork with Command.App at a Trade Show Booth

One of the best things you can do for your booth team is to arm them with a technology that enables productivity and efficiency. And interactivity is the key.  Having a reliable business communication app that allows you to read-and-react to individual customer needs, gives you an advantage over other trade show participants. Choose a platform that allows you to empower your team with situational navigation to high-impact presentation materials and data collection toolsets, all in one solution.  

Presentation materials need to be organized contextually in a manner that allows team members to turn presentations into conversations as they easily access the right piece of content at the right time in any customer interaction.  It’s imperative that they maintain conversational control, and do not spend face time looking through files and folders, or having to say; “I’ll have to get back to you on that”. The right technology should provide your team members with the ability to seamlessly address any question or concern with rich-media content, instantly.

An effective technology in the hands of your team can do more than just display things, it needs to be able to collect intelligence from the customer should the opportunity arise.  

Interactive multimedia displays and immersive experiences can help you shine, draw in more visitors, and encourage them to stick around.

Aside from multimedia displays and digital presentations, live product demonstrations and hands-on sessions also attract more people to your booth. Gamification using tablets and giveaways or contests on social media provides visitors with memorable experiences and makes it easier for you to collect their contact information and follow-up after the trade show. Utilizing a kiosk can also allow customers to engage with your products on their own. This gives them an opportunity to explore on their own before they engage with the booth team. It also helps to give visitors a way to learn about your products when crowds are occupying your booth team’s capacity.

While immersive and interactive experiences help you stand out from the crowd, remember to budget your booth design carefully to maximize your ROI. Choosing a trade show app platform with legs – one that can easily transition into a sales app for your team that can be used anywhere will give your company a bigger ROI.

By choosing the right technology for your booth, you can ensure that your team has the tools to represent your brand and make engaging face-to-face interactions. Having an app that ups your cool tech quotient is important in today’s evolving trade show environment. And having the right team members to use that technology is just as important. Carefully combining technology and teamwork can set you apart at your next trade show.

Command.App® is here for all your sales presentation, portfolio, and content sharing needs during trade shows. Contact us today to schedule a demonstration.