Importance of Portfolio Apps During Client Presentations

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Conventional client meetings begin with a sales associate showing up with a bulky folder and laptop. He or she then presents a slideshow to the prospective client. If the potential client deviates from the projected script and asks an uncommon question, however, the salesperson has to flip through the slides to find the answer.

The prospect asks for more technical details, and now the salesperson has to check the catalogs. Finally, the prospect asks a tricky question so your employee resorts to giving a canned line: “I’ll get back to you on that.”

No one is satisfied; it isn’t a winning first impression.

This is the conventional path many client meetings take, though. What can be done to cut out all the awkward starts and stops? Our team offers a more professional, streamlined, and cool way to go about this. A portfolio app that compiles all your products in one easy-to-access platform.

The Magic of Portfolio Apps: Having All Product Info in One Easy-to-Access Place

Here’s how it can revamp the way you present to your clients.

Access Information Anytime, Anywhere

Brochures, catalogs, and file holders aren’t the easiest references to use. Imagine the awkward silence that ensues when your sales associate thumbs through several glossy pages. The situation becomes even more awkward when the sales associate realizes none of the materials can answer the client’s question.

You want your sales force to look composed and organized all the time, and that’s what a portfolio app helps you achieve. Your sales associate can easily navigate through your product line and present relevant content to the prospective client. He or she can play videos and show images without any issues. Because the entire product line and supporting marketing materials are available to them, your sales associate can make the most of every presentation and competently field even the trickiest of questions.

Ensure Consistency of Product Descriptions

Your sales associates are great, but can the same be said about the Businesswomen using app at conference room tablepresentations they’ll show? Slides are prone to human error, and mistakes slip past employees. Not to mention the slide deck might be full of illegible text blocks and cliché visuals.

In a client meeting, there’s no room for errors or vague answers. Your prospect deserves a correct and direct response to every question.
A portfolio app helps in that regard. It grants your sales associate access to updated and accurate product information, anytime. He or she doesn’t have to “check with the team” because the app holds the answers.

Allow for Flexibility

man with different choices and pathwaysImagine having to create a customized slide presentation for every prospect. You have to include every piece of information that they might need. You have to make sure the brand colors, logos, and taglines are correct. You have to change an outdated product or service information. And these are just the first three of a very long list.

With Command.App®, however, you do away with these tedious tasks. Changes are deployed with the touch of a button. You can quickly incorporate new information (a new product, for instance) and modify a presentation to fit different segments of your audience. Plus, all sales materials will be updated in real time. No need to share folders or send files via e-mail.
In sum, a portfolio app enables your sales team to provide consistent, updated information, leave a great impression, and be one step closer to closing the deal.

These are just a few of the perks offered by a portfolio app. If you want to learn more, contact our team today.

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