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Three PROVEN Corporate Sales Presentation Techniques

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The right sales presentation techniques employed at the right times can go a long way in increasing sales and winning deals. As a sales leader, you need to elevate the level of your team’s communication and presentation skills continuously. You need to connect and establish rapport with senior decision makers.

Delivering a Sales Presentation: How to Ensure Client Engagement

When engaging in corporate sales, you need to understand your clients’ target market and demonstrate how your solutions can provide value.
The following techniques can help you make the most of a sales presentation.

Tailored and Tangible Benefits

An effective pitch sends a compelling message to the audience. It evokes interest because it brings focus to things the client actually cares about.
Woman presenting to boardroom

When you’re making a presentation, recognize and acknowledge the external pressures your prospective clients may be facing. What are some of the problems they’re experiencing? What are the implications of these pressures? The more your presentation can expose a customer’s problem without making them defensive, the more inclined they are to be receptive to what you have to say about a solution. If they even go so far as to express specific issues in detail, then they are primed to be engaged at a deeper level. They are now ready for you to tell them how you can help.

In what way can your proposed solution allow them to overcome these problems? Through turning your presentation into a conversation that exposed the need, youYou now have the intel you need to speak specifically to how you can help.  And, with the right nonlinear presentation tool, you can easily provide concrete examples so your clients picture how your business can help them handle a specific concerns. By paying closer attention to what they need, you encourage them to become more engaged with your presentation and open to your proposals.

Once they’re at this point, you can start talking about solution specifics. What are the unique features of your product or service? Why is your solution beneficial? Your presentation will command greater attention if clients understand how your platform provides value before they learn about the details and features of your proposed solution.

Short and Focused

No matter how compelling their presentation is, can’t hold their audience’s attention forever. But an audience is more likely to quickly lose their concentration and get overwhelmed with a long, drawn-out presentation.

Avoid this with short and direct presentations. Your goal is to understand and provide a solution to your prospective clients’ key challenges, not to market and describe your products and services in overwhelming detail. So, once they understand the value of your service, you can stop. They may not be immediately interested in minute details.

Feedback, Questions, and Concerns

A sales presentation is not a monologue, and prospective clients may lose interest if only one side is providing all the information.

To prevent this, you need to create an environment that encourages open discussion. You can ask engaging questions to get your audience’s thoughts and opinions. Welcome concerns and clarifications as you’re going through your presentation. Leaving questions off to the end can disturb the flow of a presentation, and clients may later forget to raise some of their concerns.

Man raising hand during presentationYou’ll also clear up potential uncertainties and be able to respond to any objections they may have about certain aspects of your proposed solution. You can figure out what page they’re on and gets things addressed immediately. You essentially discover where your clients are in terms of how they perceive your solution in relation to their own business.

And it’s more important for you to address these concerns than it is for you to simply finish giving your presentation.

Command.App can help you develop effective corporate sales presentation techniques through the implementation of proven situational navigation templates. Once deployed to your mobile devices, our presentation apps allow you to create a great first impression, deliver productive interactions with customers, and ensure engagement levels remain high.

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