How to Optimize Your Sales Presentation with Mobile Apps

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When you’re presenting in front of an audience, you’re not only giving them information about your product or service, but you’re also selling why they need it.

However, you’re not the only thing that can make a significant impact on your listeners. The slides themselves and when you bring them up to show to prospects, can leave a lasting impression. To that end, it’s worthwhile to invest time and effort in making sure your presentation materials are spot-on.

Ways to Get the Most Out of Command.App® and Other Presentation Apps

Command.App® has a sales presentation application for better customer engagement. Here’s how you can get the most out of it – and other presentation apps:

Consider Cloud Integration

The cloud has paved the way for instant data access, and with your presentation deck as your weapon in locking down new clients, you always have to have access to it, and other rich-media materials that enhance what you have to say. When your presentation application is linked to the cloud, you’re making sure that all materials and data – including slide decks, images, graphics, videos, and animations – are at your fingertips, ready to be presented.

Being connected to a cloud-based portal can ensure that all materials presented are in fact the latest, most up to date content.  Having it tethered to a cloud helps eliminate misrepresentation of your products or services as outdated materials often get used in front of customers by mistake.  

In addition, your C-Suite can breathe a little easier knowing that rogue presentations are not being created since the content is managed and connected to an application.  

Apart from this, you don’t have to worry about a corrupted file or a lost hard disk. On the cloud, all your files are backed-up and can be easily recovered.

Get an app that supports media rich content

The more passengers there are in a vehicle, the heavier the vehicle gets. And the heavier it gets, the slower it runs. It’s the same for presentation apps, so you have to make sure that the software you use supports rich media content.

Business people pointing at Acendas App on iPadOf course, you don’t want to bore your clients with numbers and letters, so we advise that you incorporate other elements, too. These include audio, video, pictures, and other rich-media content.  If you have this in your presentation, a good app will load these elements fast, so you don’t keep your clients waiting. Also, keep in mind that if your app relies on a good internet connection to play these, you are setting yourself up for failure since connection speeds can vary from place to place.

Invest in features that fit your needs

Each business has unique requirements and operation processes. Especially if you’re a niche company, a one-size-fits-all presentation app may not be your best option. Instead, invest in a personalized software where you can find and use the features you need, such as:

  • Content management tools
  • User management tools
  • Non-linear navigation templates
  • Brand customization opportunities
  • Cross Platform mobile deployment
  • Expandable features and toolsets   
  • Sharing capabilities
  • Company branded presentation environment

If you have more specific requirements, talk to your provider to see if their app can be configured to include custom tools., A good application’s software engineers can most likely make it happen for you.

Maximize engagement with a non-linear presentation

There’s science involved in a presentation. You have to understand the psychology of your audience: How long will they listen to you? What kind of tone will they appreciate? But your talk shouldn’t be formula-driven. You want to avoid sounding monotonous, discussing slides A-Z, as is.

With a non-linear presentation, you can jump from point to point to address any questions that may arise. This way, you can increase customer engagement. You can turnNon-linear presentation acme industries icon presentations into conversations as they easily access the right piece of content at the right time in any customer interaction. It’s imperative to maintain conversational control, and not spend face time searching for slides and materials. The right technology can provide your team members with the ability to seamlessly address any question or concern with rich-media content, instantly. Skip slides that are already irrelevant after you had a discussion with your audience or recall previous ones to emphasize a point.

One of the best things you can do for your presentation team is to arm them with a technology that enables productivity and efficiency. And interactivity is the key. Having a reliable presentation app that allows you to read-and-react to individual customer needs, gives you an advantage over other linear presentation tools. Choose an application that allows you to empower your team with situational navigation to high-impact presentation materials.   

If a sale is the lifeblood of the company, a good sales presentation is what pumps it to circulate. With that being said, it’s crucial that a sales presenter is confident and has access to tools that will increase engagement and convert the audience into clients.


Invest in a sales presentation app now. We can customize one for your needs. Schedule a demo today by filling out this form.