How Can You Keep Up With the Changes in the Sales World?

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The world of sales is more dynamic than ever, thanks in large part to technology. But with the changes in technology come advantages as well as struggles. 93 percent of B2B (business-to-business) buyers prefer buying online rather than from a salesperson. Combatting this trend can be difficult but not impossible.

The Changing World of Sales: Adapt and Thrive

The good news with this change is you can show prospects your products face to face in an engaging way with tools, like sales enablement apps. Sales apps can provide you with the information you need to engage with customers better and deliver seamless transactions.

The Challenge: Consumer Behavior is Constantly Evolving

Over the last few years, consumer behavior has drastically changed. People don’t buy from actual sales teams as much anymore. They’re also more interested in referrals and suggestions from peers rather than relying on advertising when choosing products or services.

So if you’re not meeting your numbers for a certain period, it’s not because you’re running out of customers. The buying process has just changed as consumers become more discerning about their choices. Don’t leave any room for doubt in your prospects minds by delivering research-driven data to grab and keep their attention.

Always back your pitch with data. Fact-based selling can deliver better results.  Do your research, so you can effectively sell to your target market.

Also, focus on helping your customers. How can your products or services make their lives easier? What problems can you solve for them? Instead of talking about your brand, discover your consumers’ pain points and then access specific materials that demonstrate how your solutions can address that pain.

The Opportunities

Every problem is a chance for you to come back strong. Like all successful leaders, you have to focus on the solution, not the problem.


Most people now turn to the internet for all the information they can get. When you talk to your customers, provide everything they need to know so they don’t have to look elsewhere for information.

Handshake business over a tablet in an officeBe the main source of information about your brand’s products and services. Answer all customer questions or concerns as efficiently as possible. It’s key to use tools that allow you to seamlessly pull up the right information at the right time in any customer engagement situation. Eliminate the dreaded response of, “I’ll have to get back to you on that”. Only then can you build better relationships with your customers and make them say, “OK, I’m sold.” But being the trusted advisor is more than showing, it’s knowing. Being prepared and confident for meetings exudes an positive vibe; knowing your content, knowing your audience and knowing your message will help you make the jump from just another company to the trusted advisor.

Be tech savvy

Technology can make your job, and the processes you need to do it, easier. After all, the technology exists to make life convenient for all. Bring what the customer feels is a customized message to the table. A non-linear approach to their buying experience lets them know you understand their industry and their problems. Having a technology that can address these problems a customer has shows that you are prepared and hey, you look cutting-edge, too!   

With the right apps, you’ll have access to critical information that allows you to turn a lead into a sale. You’ll be able to highlight your products or services through media-rich presentations. You can captivate and persuade customers with multimedia tools no matter where your engagement takes place. Let Command.App help you do these things, and more.

Simplify Your Job

Make the most of your time when engaging with a potential customer. With our sales apps, you can cut to the chase and sell your product or service with the confidence that every piece of collateral is available to make the sale.

Our app solution will let you:

  • Access the right information at the right time in an instant
  • Deliver the requested content on the spot
  • Give every sales rep and team member access to the most current industry information across the world

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