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How WireCo’s backing of a local startup is paying off big

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Kansas City Business Journal
June 14, 2018
By Leslie Collins

Corporations sometimes can be hesitant to give startups a shot, but in WireCo WorldGroup’s case, it saw the ideal technology in Overland Park’s Command.App and quickly signed up to use the custom app. For both companies, the relationship has paid off in multiple ways, from driving innovation to landing Command.App an early adopter and marquee client.

“People who know WireCo know we have a long history, and this is the opportunity for us to be progressive and to really make that leap into the next chapter of WireCo history,” Audra Hernandez, marketing manager for WireCo, told the Kansas City Business Journal.

A marketing director at Cerner Corp. helped forge the connection between the two companies. During Command.App’s pitch, she suggested WireCo as a potential client and offered to make an email introduction. That email led to a meeting with Prairie Village-based WireCo, who said it wanted to test the app during an upcoming trade show, the Offshore Technology Conference — the largest annual oil field conference in the U.S. The trade show was only two or three weeks away, but Command.App assured WireCo it could add the content in time. The startup delivered, and the app led to a 50 percent increase in qualified leads compared to the previous year.

“The response was fantastic,” Hernandez said. “(The leadership team was) like when can we have this, can we do this more and can we make this bigger?”

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