The Command.App Solution

Take Total Control of Your Sales and Manufacturer Rep Presentations with a seamless and robust Business Communication App. Best thing, it's available online or offline. So if you're on location,in an office or presenting in a virtual environment, you can showcase every piece of content Diversified Products offers with no wait time.

Deliver high-impact customer engagement, no matter where your reps are today, or go tomorrow.

Deploying updates are a breeze — launch the newest version of any marketing material with a touch of a button. Whether you’re a small company or on the Fortune 500 list, Command.App® is perfect for maximizing every business opportunity that comes your way.

The Immediate Return on Investment
  • Less Sales Rep Fuel Consumption for Multiple Meetings
  • No Need to Follow-Up Post-Meeting, Deliver On-The-Spot
  • Support Manufacturer Sales Reps with Effective Content
  • Accurate & Easy Data Collection
  • Reduced Time for Meeting Preparation
  • Immediate Savings on Printing Costs
  • Lost Opportunity Costs from Lack of Preparation
  • Time Savings on Scheduling and Back & Forth Communication
  • Reduction in Bulky Collateral and Sales Material
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POWER your sales teams virtually or in the field with

A platform flexible and robust enough to deploy the right mobile communication tool no matter what or where your customer engagement opportunity takes you.
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